Thursday, January 17, 2013

a little link love

Life is full. Popping in to share some of the things that I am loving at the moment......

:: Last week I made the girls each a pair of shorts. It felt great to make something practical that we needed and would have otherwise bought.

:: Thinking of making a stash of these as gifts for through out the year.  

:: Remember fuzzy felt? For some serious inspiration of a hand made version see here

:: The lovely Ronnie has inspired me with her beautiful memory keeping - Project Life. I have begun! How lovely to have these memories for the girls to muse over in years to come. Pop over here to see Ronnie's beautiful layouts.

:: A box of these are also in the works. seriously sweet.

popsicle moulds bought from here
little pottery bowls bought from here
Ruby Red Shoes...really the most delightful story and illustrations (still a little too wordy for Abbie, but we love looking at the pictures) 
Millie's little yellow cotton top from here


  1. I honestly feel like I'm looking around my own home when I visit your space!! Just bought those moulds and those stories...I think our shelf houses most of those! Adore the mince squishing. SO very beautiful. WIshing you lovely days with your beautiful babies :) x

  2. we have those same popsicle moulds, aren't they great? ours are having quite a work out lately. fresh pineapple and orange juice with some whole raspberries thrown in are our favourite at the moment. lovely photos of your spaces and your girls. have a fun weekend xx

  3. I always enjoy stopping by and seeing all of the beautiful things going on in your home Natalie. You inspired me and I bought a set of these moulds just the other day, can't wait to start making some yummy iceblocks with the girls, yours look delicious. Wishing you a wonderful week. Hope you are all well. xxx

  4. You are getting VERY arty farty with your camera! love looking at your world!

  5. I love finding new blogs to visit :) My little one is receiving a copy of Ruby Red Shoes for her 3rd Birthday in a few weeks. I also feel in love with the illustrations - I hope it becomes a favourite.

  6. oh so many beautiful images ... lots of our favourite books on display - especially love the shelf!

  7. Hello and thank you for the tip of the popsicle moulds... they have been on my mental wish list for awhile. I am a fan of biome - I must have missed that. Did you make the sweet bloomers? I have a 2.5 yr old and have had some bloomers cut out ready to stitch up all summer. I will do it tomorrow - I love them. I envisage her wearing them with tights in winter but if I don't hurry she will be old enough to have her own ideas ..... hmmm I may already be too late.

  8. Those popsicles! Makes me want to have one right now...
    Thanks for the link, Natalie, and I'm so glad you've started PL and that you're enjoying the process! It will be such a wonderful keepsake for you and the family.
    Ronnie xo

  9. Beautiful photos Natalie...and is that a distressed cornflour blue meat safe I spy, and little green glass bottles near the lamp? Perfect shade for the retro bookcase too... You have a real knack of putting it all together! Alison


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