Tuesday, January 8, 2013


....it really won't reach the 42 degrees forecast for tomorrow. seriously. that is hot.  

We have cut up pieces of watermelon and home made ice lollies - pineapple, banana and orange with hidden blueberries and a creamy bottom - all waiting for us in the freezer. The sprinkler is ready to go if we dare and I have at least two loads of washing, washed waiting by the door and more in the machine, ready to take advantage of the heat!

I would love to know your best tips for keeping cool? 

Oh and the chickens, I have frozen a tub of water and will put it up the back in the shade. Any other ideas welcome. 


I have lots of meal inspiration to share with you all, however seriously lacking any time to blog at the moment. Life is filled to the brim with two little girls who are busy all day long. 


  1. I can't believe it's going to be so hot! Hope you all find a way to stay cool... I love your ideas so far :) xo

  2. For your chookies - Dampen some towels and hang them over some of their coop or some low hanging branches (kind of like evaporative aircon in the breeze??) - maybe they will shelter under there...

  3. we had a huge heat wave last week in wa. the day it was 43, i put two frozen waterbottles in the chook nesting boxes and they rubbed and settled right up against them. sounds like you've got the humans more than covered!
    the kiddy pool was a saviour too. i sat in the shade with my little one splashing and my feet dipped in- divine.
    love the washing idea too, glass half full approach to melting heat!
    good luck and stay cool:)
    xx ashley

  4. wear a wet t shirt or wrap a wet bandanna around your neck. periodically re-dampen. definitely helps!

  5. this makes me long for hot summer days filled with popsicles and dancing in sprinkers. instead, we're bundled up with our winter gear watching snow fall from the sky.

    i'm so glad you stopped over on my blog. new follower here. what a lovely space.

    1. Yellow Finch, you make me long for snow and cold and cosying up with blankets and hot chocolate! Cassie

  6. to keep my kidlets cool, were using the paddling pool (lots) and eating ice cream and were doing ice painting later today and I have frozen a few of there small toys in big ice blocks for them to chip away at tomorrow. Oh, it is hot hot hot here too. Good luck staying cool. Cassie

  7. We used to run a sprinkler for the chickens on hot days, as a kid. They loved it. But that was probably when we had a dam and no water restrictions!

    rachel xo


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