Sunday, February 10, 2013

these days: from my kitchen

Thank you for your comments/ feedback regarding my Ecookbook. For those of you who want pictures, I can assure you, there will be many. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

Here are some pictures from my kitchen over the past week........I have been experimenting with a grain free quiche, little prawn cakes (delicious but a little labour intensive for my liking) and lots more. I'd love to know what you have been cooking?

The bread board you may spot in the last photo was bought from Alison over at Bayside vintage......just in case you were wondering.


  1. That board is gorgeous! And all those snaps are making me hungry :)

  2. Beautiful! All of it! You've made me hungry! xo m.

  3. Oh wow, that all looks amazing and delicious. You have got some absolutely wonderful dishes there. Can I come over?
    Beautiful blog. I have a giveaway at the moment, you maybe interested. xx

  4. Oh thank you for the mention Natalie...and it looks beautiful at home in your kitchen. I think your e-cookbook is a great idea. I find your ideas for kids recipes and snacks go above and beyond the mainstream 'healthy' ideas that you generally read about. Good luck with your project!

  5. All your food looks so divine! I'd love to hear about your grain free quiche. We make pies (quiches really) here quite a bit with whatever is hanging about. And prawn cakes..mouthwatering! Hope your week is a lovely one.
    P.S. Have a heavenly board like that one and it always makes me smile :) x

  6. Oh my gosh. It all looks so delicious!

  7. Wow! Grain free quiche sounds great. Helen

  8. oh wow that food looks amazing! makes me want to get in the kitchen and start cooking. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  9. Oh my goodness, I'm drooling! I've popped over from Little Old Souls where Vanessa mentioned your blog. That all looks amazing, so fresh, seasonal and absolutely delicious. I especially love the look of the salad in the second to last pic, cucumber, avocado and plum ....did you use a dressing?

  10. Looking at all that amazing food has made me ravenous! Kellie xx

  11. so tantalizing! i'd like a bite of each.

    i just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. i feel like we are kindred kitchen spirits.

  12. what is that bright yellow, potato-crusted quiche-looking thing? recipe please!!

    1. That is my experiment at a 'grain free' quiche..... delicious if I say so myself. Recipe soon!


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