Thursday, April 4, 2013

these days: easter on the farm

It's been a while between posts. I hope you all had a lovely easter weekend.

We have fallen into a lovely autumn rhythm and are enjoying days at home. I was just saying to Olly how interesting it is that days at home make everyone happier.

When the sun has set and my little ones are in bed, I have been working on the cookbook. I am so pleased with how it is coming along.  There is lots to do, as I have decided to do all the design work myself, and have been learning photoshop and indesign in between testing recipes, photography (my favourite bit I think) and writing the content. I am hoping it will be ready in a few months  am toying with a few ideas, perhaps launching it through a new blog more dedicated to food and the kitchen. Love to know your thoughts?

Here are some pictures from our easter weekend at a friends' farm - testing out my new lens.

Some of my favourite images:
(image 2) - I love her intense and curious gaze, as she watches the cows.
(image 8) - she is heavily pregnant, her udder is full and she waddles as she walks. 
(image 10) - we drove high up the escarpment to see this little calf, who was born the afternoon before.
(image 17) - dancing in the afternoon sunshine


  1. Gosh you've been busy! I love that pic of Abbie swinging her arms - it screams the Sound of Music! If you're asking me, I'd prefer to see your cookbook here. I think it would complicate things for you if you launched a separate thing. A lot of what you write about here is food anyway, so it would naturally fall into place. I think it would be simpler and mean a lot less work for you, plus I think it would have greater impact here since all your readers are here. xx

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Vanessa to launch your cookbook here for all the reasons she has written. I am looking forward to it and admire you learning photoshop so you can design it yourself - definitely something I will be outsourcing when I complete writing my ebook! Happy writing and cooking to you x

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nikki. I am loving photoshop - i think a very valuable tool as a blogger (although the learning curve at the beginning, seriously steep!) I look forward to more news of your book!

      thanks x

      (ps - I owe you a response re: your sugar question, shall email you soon)

    2. No probs re:sugar question. When you have time. thanks x

  3. beautiful photos but then i am a sucker when it comes to cows, they have the sweetest eyes. i'm with vanessa and nikki i think launching your book here would be awesome and i am so looking forward to it. x

  4. Hi Natalie, good to hear you on the blog again, although I know how hard it is to blog regularly and work on projects. Sounds like you are having fun creating your cookbook, exciting times, enjoy the process! I think you have a lovely site here already that has a strong food and family focus, so the cookbook would be a good fit. Note I just wrote that before reading earlier comments! Alison x

  5. Oh my goodness - this all reminds me of my childhood home! Beautiful photos :)

  6. lovely picture. makes me want to go on a little country vacation

  7. beautiful images, found you via The Beetleshack,

  8. Beautiful photos.

    I'm so happy to have found your gorgeous blog through Weekly Stills.

    I'm going to make a cup of tea and have a look around!!



Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you and will respond to any questions in the comments sections. Natalie

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