Friday, May 31, 2013

Home life and rhythm: a healing basket

I have been reading Seven Times the Sun, by Shea Darlan. It is full of simple ideas to assist parents in creating a rhythmical home life for children - tips for making everyday, that little bit more meaningful. After reading the section on 'healing', I was inspired to create a healing basket with Abbie.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

A healing basket filled with all the magic remedies that you probably all ready have in your cupboard - a wonderful thing to help us acknowledge our children's pain - rather than moving quickly past it. When your child is hurt, maybe it is a really itchy mozzie bite, a splinter or a scrapped knee, go together to where you keep your basket. Take a moment to find the right remedy (together) - it may simply be the (apparent) magic of a bandaid/ plaster, a spray of rose "healing" water or tending to a more serious scrape. A simple verse sung - "healing healing healing water for my little little daughter" (optional of course). A simple ritual that brings stillness, acknowledgement and rhythm to our children. 

In our basket:

:: Lavender Oil - we like to rub a drop onto bites
:: Homemade Rose healing spray - filtered water and about 20 drops of Rose Geranium essential oil
:: A homemade beeswax balm  
:: Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm
:: Mozzie FO
:: Arnica - wonderful for bruises
:: Rescue Remedy
:: a few homeopathic remedies - including Camomilla (wonderful for teething babies)
:: Tea tree antiseptic spray 
:: tweezers  
:: plasters (bandaids), cotton balls and tips

For those with young children interested in bring some rhythm to your day, have a look at the lovely rhythm guides my gorgeous (and ready to pop) friend Meg has created over at Whole Family Rhythm.


  1. Oh how I adore this space beautiful Nat!I am off to hunt out that book and rustle together the goodies to make our own healing basket. Thanks so much for sharing :) xx

    1. thanks for your kind words Steph. So glad to provide you some inspiration - I am always so inspired by your beautiful posts (and talent!)

  2. How wonderful! I also really believe that the rhrythm is so important. A sweet basket that can give your child comfort. I like it and it is a good idea! I like your blog! Thank you for sharing. Greetings Stella.

  3. *sigh* this blog makes me so clucky, Natalie ;)

    1. :) All in good time! You are one busy lady at the moment!!
      hope all is going well with the course. xx

  4. We have that exact same basket...except we store hankies in ours. Such a great idea to put all that stuff in one easy to find place. Much prettier than ours (a plastic storage box in the panty marked with a first aid cross).

  5. I was also inspired by this book to put together a healing basket! Our contains some homemade lavender bags for holding and smelling to help calm upset little people. When we first made and added them, I think the kids couldn't wait for a bit of a scrape so they could use them! x.

  6. what a lovely post and i love the idea of a healing basket. we have all these items but they are scattered in different spots in the house. off in search of that book, sounds interesting x

  7. That's such a beautiful idea. We have a shelf, but it's never been accessible to my children. It really is high time a remedied that - at age 5 and 7! I'm not sure how I've let that slip by, as they have full access to the garden for aloe vera, thyme, lemons... the pantry for honey, onions, garlic... That will be our project for this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration. AND PS - I love that book too!

  8. What a lovely caring basket, we've needed something like this in out home these last 5 weeks. I will start putting one together

  9. Ah this is amassing. I 'accidently' clicked on your picture while trying to 'follow' another blogger. It seems its no accident. I LURVVVE your blog. I'm into natural parenting and Steiner learning too. I think you might be one of my new 'blogger go to gal'.
    Lets not forget to mention how sweet and lovely the healing basket is.

  10. This is a wonderful idea and it is a gorgeous book isn't it! I love your choice of what you have put in your basket, you have inspired me to reorganize my herb cupboard (which is mostly full of empty herbal medicine bottles) into a healing cupboard. And I couldn't agree more about the importance of rhythm. Cheers.

  11. That's the loveliest idea. Kellie xx

  12. Natalie, what is the brand of Arnica you use? I picked up one in a health shop the other day but I wasn't too impressed by the ingredients list. I know you research everything and choose products that are as natural as possible, so I'd love to know what brand yours is and if you'd recommend it. Thanks :)


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