Sunday, July 7, 2013

real food & celebrations: a first birthday

My littlest turned one.  How is it that one whole year goes by so fast? Here are some pictures from our celebration. Styled by my dear friend Liz.

Our simple real food menu:

:: raspberry & apple jelly (made using bovine gelatin) in orange skins
:: mini pavlovas (grain free), cream & raspberries
:: mini pizzas made using sliced & baked potatoes, nitrate free organic ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese
:: slow cooked lamb shoulders served with sourdough rolls, sliced cucumber & tomato chutney
:: fresh orange juice (strained of pulp)
:: sponge butterfly cakes
:: grain & nut free chocolate cake, with layers of cream, chocolate mousse & raspberries (recipe in my Ecookbook, coming soon!)

- - - - - - - -
For those of you who are gasping at my use of sugar.......take a read of Emma's article here explaining the need for simple carbohydrates in our diet.


  1. So lovely! Our littlest was three on goes by way too fast!

  2. it all looks so delicious and the styling so pretty, just prefect for a first birthday. happy birthday Millie!
    p.s i can't wait for your e book.

  3. Happy 1st birthday to your little one:) What a delicious birthday menu, those potato pizzas look so yummy and that cake with those raspberries looks amazing. It all looks so pretty and your hair looks great, the shorter look really suits you. x

  4. So pretty! And that food looks delicious! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Millie! Sad we missed it. Looks magical! So luck you are to have such a wonderful Mama! xx m.

  6. What a beautiful day you created for your little honey! Can't wait for your cookbook. Hope all is lovely in you world :) xx

  7. Lovely! So sweet & simple :)!

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet Millie.
    That cake look divine and all those pretty flowers are perfect for such a special day.

    Much love xx

  9. Those potato pizzas are ingenious! This looks like the perfect party for a sweet lady.

  10. Just lovely Nat, happy birthday to your wee one! Can't wait to see you all again x

  11. Oh wow, these photos are stunning Natalie. Magazine-worthy! I love the close up shot of the flowers. No I think sugar in moderation (especially on birthdays!) is a good thing! Great food ideas :) x


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