Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nourishing Orange Jelly

A nourishing and delicous snack in our home is jelly.* Made with high quailty bovine gelatin** ( I buy here) and the juice of freshly squeezed organic oranges, we enjoy this with spoonfuls of full fat cream. You can make this with any fruit - sometimes I make it using the whole fruit and other times like this orange version I use only the juice - when in season, pureed rockmelon is lovely.

So here's the recipe.....its pretty simple, I managed to make it yesterday with Milly in my arms.

From the pantry

juice of organic oranges (disregard the pith) 2 cups (500mls)
bovine gelatin - dissolve 2 tablespoons in 1/4 cup of boiling water

Let's begin

Mix altogether making sure gelatin is dissolved in the boiling water before combining with orange juice. Pour into shallow bowls and place in fridge to set - it doesnt take very long at all - sometimes an hour or two. Enjoy with thick cream (raw if you can get it).

I'd love to know if you make some.

I have written out that meal planner I promised, however trying to decide whether to post it without recipes or wait until I write them up (or just post each recipe as I write it up).....comments welcome, I am very indecisive, not to mention extremely time poor!

I have this in the oven as we speak ready for tomorrow night....will let you all know how it goes.

*No not the boxed jelly from the supermarkets
**To read a little more about why gelatin is so essential read here


  1. So funny...I've been reading about bovine gelatin this week and considering incorporating it into our diet. Thanks for the recipe. I'm curious...what benefits have you found since taking it? Thanks x

    PS. We use the stuff at the supermarket to make playdough with ;-)

    1. The universe is wonderful isn't it - laws of attraction! Oh so many benefits - read Emma's article that I linked at the bottom as she is the expert, its just magic :)

      I'm curious do you add the jelly mix to the play dough when cooking to give it the colour and smell??

    2. I really like Emmas articles. They're well researched and so sensible.
      I found the playdough recipe on pinterest. You can find it here: http://www.modernparentsmessykids.com/2012/05/play-dough.html
      Aeroplane jelly gives it that sweet smell and colour and very smooth texture. I hope you have a beautiful day x

  2. i have been trying to incorporate gelatin into our diets. i think my sleep has improved because of it but it is a little early to say.
    i have just made some raspberry jelly today (using frozen raspberries which i boiled with water before adding gelatin and a small spoonful of honey). it was delicious. have also been making jelly with oranges in particular blood oranges which i love.
    i made your coconut butter balls today natalie. really nice and so easy. they would be quite hard to make in warm weather though don't you think.
    recipes as you write them up???!!! can't wait to see your meal planner.

    1. Oh that's wonderful Jo. Yes I have found the same with sleep - I have a few spoonfuls before bed with a few more of raw cream :) (its just my two little girls that keep me from my sleep now). Raspberry sounds lovely and I like the sound of blood oranges - thank you.

      Glad you liked the coconut and butter balls, yes the more butter and coconut oil (i.e. the good stuff) would mean very melty balls in summer. I would add more coconut to give a bit more substance and hold together and refrigerate.

      Thanks - thinking of a naming each of the meals (to give some idea of what we eat everyday) and then writing the full recipe and posting separately. Please don't get too excited ......it might not be that great!!

  3. I haven't eaten jelly since I didn't like the packet mixes and wasn't sure about where to get decent gelatin from, something I always meant to look into but never got around to. Thanks for the links and recipe, looks lovely. I'd say maybe recipes as you write them up, easier all around for time and effort (maybe!).

    1. Well you better get off and buy some of that gelatin it sells out pretty quick and I think it is in stock at the moment! Tell them I sent you :)

      Recipes on the way......

  4. I had no idea you could get other form of gelatin, I slightly feel silly.
    We don't eat jelly here but.

  5. This is awesome, I'll try this one these days! You have an adorable blog and I just want to say "thanks" about everything here, it's so nice. And the recipes looks so good! Nice job:)

  6. I made these a few days ago and they were a huge hit... although I must admit I added a dash of rapadura to them as well.

    Thanks! xo m.

  7. Hi
    is this the only gelatin you know that is a mix of grain and grass fed? I imagine the regular gelatine from supermarkets would have preservatives and additives? I noticed the other two they sell that are 100% grass fed won't congeal.

  8. How long do you find your Bernard Jensen container of gelatin lasts with a small family? It's a bit of an investment, that's all - albeit a good one :)


    1. Hi there, We go through quite a bit of gelatin, hard to say as I usually buy 12 at a time (an investment yes!) Perhaps 1-2 per month....it really does depend on how much you are incorporating into your diet and whether you are trying to address health issues etc.

      Hope this helps - feel free to email me with any other questions



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