Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real Food Series: Cream & Honey Pannacotta

Cream & Honey Pannacotta

Delicious and so easy and full of goodness! Emma gave me the idea for this. Read Emma's post here as to why your diet should be rich in gelatin. 

From the pantry

1 - 2 tablespoon of Bovine Gelatin
Organic whole unprocessed cream say 100 - 150mls
Organic whole unprocessed milk about 1/4 cup
1 tablespoon of  raw honey 
a little boiling water

(all estimates, really you can use whatever proportions of cream, milk and honey you like)

Lets begin

1. Mix cream and milk in a bowl - set aside
2. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water or on the stove (as little water as possible - about 4/5 tablespoons)
3. Once dissolved, add in honey and mix
4. Add gelatin and honey mixture to cream and milk and mix well
5. Pour into mould and refrigerate until set

Joining in over at Nourishing Treasures.....Make your own Monday

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  1. I've always shied away from panacotta for fear of making a mistake. This looks easy and delicous, will definitely let you know once I've tried! x

    1. Me to Stacey. Give it a go - can't tell you how easy it is. That gelatin is magic :)

  2. Yum! I'll make this when Cam returns. We made your orange jelly last night and had some for morning tea this morning. It was the first time I've used bovine gelatin. I was super impressed :) Skye wanted seconds! X

    1. So lovely to hear you are trying these recipes Nicole! even better that your little one enjoyed. When your little Joy begins solids, gelatin is perfect first food (as I am sure you know!) so gently on the tummy.

  3. Sounds like Ill have to get me some bovine gelatine! Where do you get it from? (Another ingredient I have never used!) This recipe sounds very yummy :) Cassie

    1. Hi Cassie - I think you have now already bought it however I buy mine here: http://www.gpawholefoods.com.au/buy/bovine-gelatin-14oz/57

      Love to hear how you go making the jelly!

  4. yum yum yum! i am so making this tomorrow, i didn't realise pannacotta was so easy to make.


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