Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring: a new perspective

I spent the morning sipping freshly squeezed orange juice, putting pen to paper, nursing my Milly and chatting with a glowing Emma Sgourakis.

I first met with Emma just over a year ago after I had been eating a primarily vegetarian diet and was starting to see it negatively affect my health. Since meeting with Emma and making changes to our diet we have seen such wonderful improvements in our health.

Emma doesn't subscribe to any label of eating such as Paleo or Western A Price. Instead she advises eating foods based on the impact of such food on a cellular and physiological level....this I like.

After chatting with Emma, it made me think about my Traditional Food Series. What really is traditional eating? What may have been tradition in my family heritage, will have been different from yours, right? I have been thinking today about what am I trying to impart from the series.

So I have thought and come to the conclusion that I am sharing with you my belief of good nutrition and good food......of REAL food. So expect a little change in name...but that's all - loads more recipes and musings on food to come.

I'll be back tomorrow with how to make beef bone broth.....and you may be surprised to know that you shouldn't be boiling it for days on end!

I will leave you with some stats just for a bit of fun - inspired by my new found friend Greer :) check out her beautiful blog here.

Time writing this post: about 30 minutes...a quick one!
Last thing I ate: Pannacotta - I whipped it up when I got home, took about 2 minutes, raw cream and milk and little honey and of course bovine gelatin. OMG amazing.
Number of children asleep in bed: 2
In progress on my sewing table: a doll - you can see my progress here.

ps - its fathers day tomorrow (in Australia).........just in case you forgot ;)


  1. I so look forward to your posts N. happy spring to you xxx

  2. Real food- so important, and almost lost! Loving your series, no matter the name :) sarah

  3. I'm loving the food series regardless of its name too Natalie! And I'm enjoying trying these new recipes. I was brought up in a house where my mum was always on a diet (usually high protein, low fat , low carbs except vege and oats). So for me to be buying cream to cook with is very strange as we never had it in our home! From a purely vain point of view I am worried that eating cream will make me gain fat and get a bit flabby! Just the way I've been brought up! Im not a complete fab phob though I enjoy coconut oil. And I cook with various oils but the use of full fat dairy products is new and foreign to me! I take relief in the fact that yourself and Emma (the lady you mentioned here), both look trim, taut & terrific! Ha ha. Hope you enjoy fathers day . Cassie

    1. So glad that you are embracing cream :) It is such a nourishing food. Read "Eat fat, lose fat" by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon if you are ever feeling unsure.

      thanks for the compliment ;)

  4. I totally agree with you on the fat thing, Natalie. I've never done low fat anything! I feel like if it's real, it nourishes and your body will be just right. I'm really enjoying your food series too :-)

  5. Love the food series and can't wait for the beef broth. I make chicken stocks all the time, but have never made beef yet.
    Thanks for your lovely words. And now I think I need pannacotta... xx

  6. Emma is a wealth of nutritional knowledge and one of the braver Nutritionists really getting out there and encouraging health-seekers to question the status quo. Really happy to know that people are reaping the benefits of Ray Peat's work :)


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